Top 10 coolest World Cup jerseys


Cameroon 2014 World Cup Home KitWorld Cup kits always generate a great degree of debate and discussion. Take some of the kits that will be on display in Brazil. Honduras’s giant H effort is just plain bland, while Cameroon’s epilepsy-inducing number could be a big seller.

There are always those that fail to inspire, those that are just plain ridiculous, and those that leave a lasting memory for sheer coolness. Today’s list will count down the 10 coolest jerseys that have graced the World Cup.

10. England 1966


The only away kit on this list. England played their fierce rivals, West Germany, in the final and had to wear their blood-red away kits, despite the final being in Wembley. No matter though, England triumphed and looked good during their only world title.

9. Italy 1982

paolo rossi

Italy is renowned worldwide for its fashion houses and in 1982 their national team were just as cool as they lifted a third title. Although they beat everyone’s second team, Brazil, there’s no denying they looked good doing it.

8. Argentina 1978

Mario Kempes of Argentina celebrates scoring a goal

Argentina’s home kits are always classy but this one was special, as they won on home soil, defeating the poor Dutch, who were appearing in a second successive final. Mario Kempes was the star of the show in a literal tickertape final.

7. Denmark 1986

mexico 1986 denmark danemark coupe du monde

Denmark were a surprise package, beating the Germans to top the group, and played some of the most attractive football of the tournament. Although quite ’80s in its design, it’s undeniably cool, just don’t stare at it for too long.

6. Brazil 1986


Another Mexico 1986 number. A cool jersey for a team sadly just past their best. Brazil 1982 may have won the hearts of neutrals worldwide, but the ’86 jerseys wins out for the introduction of the collar. Sócrates rocked it, possibly the coolest footballer that ever treaded on grass.

5. West Germany 1990

2010-04-27 22-30-14_0184

Until recently German teams were never known for their eye-catching style of football. At Italia ’90 they were the dog’s bollix, winning the World Cup in typically efficient fashion and in an über-cool early ’90s kit to boot.

4. France 1998

Zinedine Zidane

France fulfilled their destiny as hosts in 1998, and boy did they look cool. I mean, look at the clever use of the red line in Adidas’s three stripes to create the French flag. Chic as f***.

3. Peru 1970


If hipsters wore football jerseys; this would be their jersey of choice. Teófilo Cubillas (you’ve probably never heard of him, personally I prefer his earlier work) scored five goals in this snazzy number as Peru made it to the quarter-finals.

2. Brazil 1970

Brazil 1970

A slick jersey for a slick team. Pelé, Jairzinho, Rivelino and co. looked undeniably cool as they wreaked havoc on their way to a third world title and the mantle of the greatest World Cup winning side ever.

1. Netherlands 1974


Two stripes for Cruyff, who was sponsored by Puma at the time, Adidas’s three stripes for everyone else. Quite simply the coolest World Cup jersey ever for one of the coolest teams to have graced the tournament.


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