As it currently stands James Rodríguez of Colombia leads the list of top goalscorers at this year’s World Cup. That said only one goal behind him is the 2010 Golden Boot winner Thomas Müller, who will win the award should he score tonight, owing to his three assists compared with James’s two. At present these are the top five:

1. James Rodríguez (Colombia) – 6 (2a)
2. Thomas Müller (Germany) – 5 (3a)
3. Neymar (Brazil) – 4 (1a)
3. Lionel Messi (Argentina) – 4 (1a)
3. Robin van Persie (Netherlands) – 4 (0a)

This means only Müller and Lionel Messi still have their destiny in their own hands. Müller only needs one goal whereas Messi would need a hat-trick (he’s played more minutes than James so two goals and assist would not be enough) to bag the award and to be honest despite having one or two defensive hiccups, this German side will not ship that many in tonight’s final.

Golden Boot winners:

guillermo stabile
1930: Guillermo Stábile (Argentina) – 8 goals

oldrich nejedly
1934: Oldřich Nejedlý (Czechoslovakia) – 5 goals*

1938: Leônidas (Brazil) – 8 goals**

ademir 1950
1950: Ademir (Brazil) – 8 goals

1954: Sándor Kocsis (Hungary) – 11 goals

1958: Just Fontaine (France) – 13 goals

Florian-Albertivanov 627. garrincha
vavajerkovicleo sanchez
1962: Flórián Albert (Hungary); Valentin Ivanov (USSR); Garrincha (Brazil); Vavá (Brazil); Dražan Jerković (Yugoslavia); Leonel Sánchez (Chile) – all 4 goals

Eusebio cries
1966: Eusébio (Portugal) – 9 goals

Gerd Muller and Breitner both of West Germany
1970: Gerd Müller (West Germany) – 10 goals

greg lato
1974: Grzegorz Lato (Poland) – 7 goals

Mario Kempes
1978: Mario Kempes (Argentina) – 6 goals

paolo rossi
1982: Paolo Rossi (Italy) – 6 goals)

Gary Lineker
1986: Gary Lineker (England) – 6 goals

toto schillaci
1990: Salvatore “Totò” Schillaci (Italy) – 6 goals

oleg salenko 1994MEXICO V BULGARIA
1994: Oleg Salenko (Russia); Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria) – 6 goals each

Suker 1998
1998: Davor Šuker (Croatia) – 6 goals

2002: Ronaldo (Brazil) – 8 goals

miroslav klose 2006
2006: Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 5 goals

thomas muller
2010: Thomas Müller (Germany) – 5 goals^

* Nejedlý was originally credited with 4 goals, thus putting him in a three-way tie with Angelo Schiavo (Italy) and Edmund Conen (Germany). FIFA changed his official tally in November 2006 to 5, therefore making him outright top scorer.

** Like Nejedlý, Leônidas was originally credited with 8 goals for the 1938 tournament. FIFA reduced this to 7 in November 2006.

^ Müller was tied on 5 goals with David Villa (Spain), Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands) and Diego Forlán (Uruguay). Rather than sharing the award FIFA decided to decide the winner by a secondary system. Müller won by having more assists (3) than the rest (1 each). Had the number of assists been level, the player with fewer minutes played would have won.