Complete list of World Cup 2014 award winners

neuer and messi
Manuel Neuer receives the Golden Glove, while Lionel Messi receives the Golden Ball after last night’s World Cup final.

At the end of every World Cup there are a number of awards handed out. Some are well known, such as the Golden Boot for top goalscorer or the Golden Ball for best player but there are also a few more like the Golden Glove for best goalkeeper, Best Young Player for the most outstanding player under the age of 21, and the Fair Play Trophy for the team with the best record of fair play.

Here are the winners for the 2014 World Cup and the previous winners in South Africa 2010.

Golden Ball: Lionel Messi (Argentina)
2010 winner: Diego Forlán (Uruguay)

Golden Boot: James Rodríguez (Colombia) – 6 goals
2010 winner: Thomas Müller (Germany) – 5 goals (3 assists) [see footnote no. 3]

Golden Glove: Manuel Neuer (Germany)
2010 winner: Iker Casillas (Spain)

Best Young Player: Paul Pogba (France)
2010 winner: Thomas Müller (Germany)

FIFA Fair Play Trophy: Colombia
2010 winner: Spain


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